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This is my new site since my other one got closed down at geocities,  I'm just going to start with my favorite and newest peices. So please excuse the bareness while I get set up!

Picture Coming Soon!
Another beginner doll. Base by Lilac Blizzard I believe - site gone. Made a few months into my dolling "carrier". Base by Abbey, site gone.
NOT ADOPTABLE! Contest entry for endangered species contest. She's an Emerald Hummingbird from Honduras. NOT ADOPTABLE! Rincewind from discworld made for bookhobbit. Christmas AV 2011 AV for The Lime Light Cafe Forum 4/12 A 2012 Easter Gift for The Lime Light Cafe members One of my very first dolls. Sometimes people like to see where a doller started out. An AV for Monsum's doll forum YEARS ago. Me, in the 80's. Yes, I really did dress and do my hair like that, LOL. My cat as a person, all attitude! Base by DHF - site gone A pirate and her booty! NOT THAT KIND OF BOOTY! lol. Base by DHF - site gone Blueberry Bon Voyage! It was for a challenge. Base by DHF - site gone. Bride of Frankenstein Buff Cupid, just one of my favorites. He was so much fun to make! Capricorn - no base Random Cherry Girl. Forgot the base, if you know, shoot me an email! pinkcraze1(at)gmail(dot)com A doll made out of melting chocolate. Sorry, got hungry, lol. My absolute FAVORITE doll out of all I've ever made! Just some cutie daises in the spring Dragonfly Dragon! My other absolute most FAVORITE doll ever! Base by DHF (site gone), forgot where I got the bones, shot me an email if you know! pinkcraze1(at)gmail)dont)com Dragon Tea (made for a tea challenge). Base by Purple Dungeon - site gone Beautiful Moonlight Fairy Base by Purple Dungeon - site gone Changing of Fall. Do you know this base? Email me pinkcraze1(at)gmail(dot)com Fall Fairy Fountain -  base mine Random Doll. Phoenix's base, link is broken. Halloween Doll. Love how she turned out. Haunted Luau. Who's base? Let me know pinkcraze1(at)gmail(dot)com NOT ADOPTABLE! Was a gift for someone. Mmmmm, Hot Chocolate! Myself dressed up for the HP ball. Winter AV. Base by Eden Enchanted - gone Elf looking at a dark crystal. Hands drawn by me. Base - Sabrelle's Garden - site gone Mask, my favorite AV. base by Eden Enchanted - gone Rainbow Mermaid. Base by Purple Dungeon - site gone Base by Packed Bliss. If you know a new link, let me know! pinkcraze1(at)gmail(dot)com Pirate Queen, made for a released base contest. So sad I lost the base set in a pc crash *sniffs* Base by DHF - site gone Rose Red Random Naga HAHAHAHA NOT ADOPTABLE! This is a doll I made for a very dear friend and doller *Teri*. She died unexpectedly, so therefore, this doll is very special to me now. I miss her still *sniffs* I swear, I used this base a lot and can NOT remember who made it! Let me know! pinkcraze1(at)gmail(dot)com Unicorn OC, Base by DHF - site gone Another Crack Me Up Cupid! She was going to be part of a Paris Layout, but lost all my Layout codes when geocities crapped on us. Made for a Wanted Contest, Won too! Awesome! Base by DHF  - site gone Lost Base Maker, let me know! pinkcraze1(at)gmail(dot)com Zombie's, gotta love em!
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